Monday, August 17, 2009

Angel Baby Bottom Balm Review

So I bought some of this balm at an organic store in Ashville, NC. It was a little on the expensive side but I was willing to give it a try since it had organic all natural ingredients in it. And it smelled like aromatherapy. Which I couldn't resist!

I quickly learned this stuff goes a really long way. It spreads so easily. I have had my small jar for over 4 months and have only used about half! Although, I only use it when baby K has a diaper rash. Which is every once in a while.

Since I use cloth, I always use a rice paper liner to keep from causing my diapers to repel.

I have also used the balm on areas of irritation, bug bites, and such. And it immediately soothes the area.

It also seems to repel bugs away. So If I don't have my natural bug spray handy, I just use the balm.

Even though it is a little more pricey, its probably not that much more than the regular stuff. It just spreads so well and you only have to use a small amount.

This stuff has so many duel purposes and its just plain great!


  1. Sammy has not had a rash yet butif he ever does I will have to check this out. Right now I have organic burts bees onhand. We used Butt paste for Christopher and I saw that they now have an organic version.

  2. I haven't tried burts but I'm sure its great!