Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Charlie's Soap

Laundering my diapers has definitely become an art! I did so much research before I started cloth diapering.

I first used Allens naturally detergent and I bought a gallon of it! Well after about a month I ended up having some stink issues. So I decided to try Charlie's soap. I found it at Wholefoods for around $10. At 80 loads a bag! I love this stuff.

I also wash our other clothes with it as well. I no longer have any stink issues with anything I wash.

Also, I used it to scrub my bathtub. It worked better than anything else I have ever tried. Probably because I typically only use some sort of natural soap to clean with. I try to stay away from any kind of chemicals. So with this being a soap I had to give it a try and it really worked!

So grab you a bag of Charlie's. You would really love it!


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