Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gro Baby Review

So I purchased 3 Gro Baby diapers about 2 months ago. I have 2 Blackberry and 1 Vanilla with Snaps. As well as 4 additional snap in soakers. They are extremely easy to use. They are really stretchy around the legs and waist. Which I love since my little one is a little chunk.

The hook and loop (Velcro) is soft. So it doesn't scratch baby K at all. The laundry tabs on the hook and loop (Velcro) are okay. They tend to stick to other diapers in the laundry. But it hasn't bothered me too much.

The feature of being able to snap another soaker in if the shell isn't soiled is a plus. Because of this feature you save a lot of room in your diaper bag.

Since these are organic cotton, you do have to wash these a few times for them to be absorbent.

They do come with a doubler for heavy wetters and overnight. So far, we have not been able to use this diaper for overnights though. Even with the doubler, she tends to have wet areas on her pj's when she wakes up in the morning. So I stick with her bumGenius diapers at night.

Overall, I love this diaper for the day and when we're out and about. Lastly, I have been able to place a prefold in the shell. And it works out great!

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  1. Great pic of baby girl. She looks confused, lol!